The Lame Dame

Oct 1
  • ableds: taking care of your health is more important than your grades!
  • ableds, two seconds later: why is your academic achievement so poor. Why arent you working harder
  • Me: *lauGHS UNTIL I CHOKE*

Annie (a pseudonym) is a Chinese-American, straight, female university professor. While she was in graduate school, she found it difficult to receive medical treatment due to the perceived psychiatric condition of simply being Asian and female: “I went to a doctor at the university because I had recurring abdominal pain. The doctor listened to my description, but rather than doing a physical exam, he explained to me that it was normal for Asian women to be anxious and stressed out, and anxiety was probably causing my abdominal pain.” But surprisingly, the doctor didn’t treat the anxiety either. He just said there was nothing he could do.

- Shattering the Madness Monolith: On the Intersections of Race, Gender, and Psychiatric Disability (via andromedalogic)

(Source: longmoreinstituteondisability)


I just want the murders of disabled people to stop, they’re far too common, especially when the folks are black too, whether it’s by police or by caretakers or supposed friends, we need to talk about disability hate crime and what it’s doing to us

How to Get Into Nursing School for Students with Disabilities


I would add: be ready to fight. Medical professions are not always welcoming to disabled people.




My response to the ableist bullshit from Ken Jennings, and the necklace D made for me as a result ;)

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this is the loss of anybody who feels this way cause let me tell you

chair or no, i fuck like a demon.

but i only fuck people who deserve my crippled ass.

I am pretty sure the phrase "no uterus, no opinion" excludes trans folks - just thought I'd point that out because it very well could be valid


iirc it was actually created to include trans men and nonbinary identities who rightfully should have opinions on this topic (as they often own and could at any time use - uteri) 

however, it excludes trans women from the conversation, who are women, and should have votes/opinions on ‘womens issues’, and equal access to medical treatments of their choice (since that’s what we’re really discussing here)

this is why I’m so uncomfortable with a lot of mainstream feminism’s shit

Is saying "no uterus, no opinion" ableist?


I don’t know what to say to these kind of asks, ffr a little context is helpful - and pls don’t use me to settle disagreements 

I don’t know if it’s ableist, but it’s def not perfect. As a uterus owner with no reproductive capability, who WILL have to remove that faulty part at some point….it pretty much says as soon as it’s gone, my opinion doesn’t matter for this issue. And? maybe it shouldn’t??? but if that’s the case…does my non-functional organ exclude my opinion now?? should uteri owners have to be tested for reproductive capability before being allowed to voice opinion on this issue??? What about post-menopausal uteri owners? People who never plan to offer 9 months of free rent to other tiny people inside their bodies? 

tbqh, I’m not big on slogans, but it should probably be “no fetus, no opinion” because it’s a matter between a pregnant person and their doctor (which should be a federally protected right)


drawing a line between mental illness and physical illness and saying that one is inherently different from the other - that one is a matter of the “soul” or the “mind” or w/e and the other is a matter of the body - is arbitrary and stupid. Mental illness is something…



My response to the ableist bullshit from Ken Jennings, and the necklace D made for me as a result ;)

buy it here!


"Je t’aime moi aussi". Olivier Fermariello’s photoshoot enters the intimacy of diversely disabled people, adressing the issue of sexuality and disability. You can find the complete photoshoot here . Some of them may be NSFW.